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the collection
The main exhibition things are works of kusama created from the 1950s by the age in 2003.
big pumpkin,pumpkin army corps,there are alot of precious works in this museum
In addition, exchange of the pictures, print, and object of three exhibitions per year
and sale of an exhibition print are also performed.

works of kusama
pumkin having concept
かぼちゃの昼寝 かぼちゃのダンス かぼちゃの神様
100号アクリルかぼちゃ かぼちゃ軍団 かぼちゃオブジェクト
special collection
人間国宝 井上萬二作(有田焼) 世界でひとつ香合入地湧菩薩 三輪栄造作 カボチャの大皿 かぼちゃ浄土 川原田 徹 1982 ウルトラマン20周年記念に活躍したバルタン星人