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After seeing, it eats, or after eating, it sees,
pumpkin cafe

place:Ashigara-Shimo-gun, Kanagawa 97-2, Miyakami, Yugawaramachi
close day:tuesday wednesday

If sensitivity is stimulated,
relax in quiet space.

Please cure the body and the heart calmly.
pumpkin with much nutrition is deliciously cooked.
It can meet what "pumpkin",
or please make it needed for pleasure today.

A menu changes every month.
Since I am preparing the dessert of a drink and a Japanese pumpkin always, please drop in by all means.
pumpkins launch 1300yen*
pumpkincake 700yen
Coffee, tea, and Cookie 700yen
*pumpkin launch Please reserve even one day ago.

Although there are also sweet red-bean soup with rice cakes of a Japanese pumpkin and a Japanese pumpkin cream puff, since a limitation is in a number, please forgive, when sold-out.